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September, As the Amazon Burns, It’s Time to Roll Up Our Sleeves published at Fair Observer.

August, Letter to a Publisher: On the Destruction of Discourse and the Cult of the Postmodern Left


March 18, “Kiss the Ground” Deep Green video transcript


March 31, “Is the World a Better Place Because You Were Born?” published at the DGR News Service

March 12, “How can we begin the journey back to remembering?” Deep Green video transcript in German as “Wie beginnen wir die Reise zurück in das Erinnern?”.

February 26, “Squeeze Every Drop of Slave’s Blood Out Of Ourselves” Deep Green video transcript. (Also in German as Quetschen wir jeden Tropfen Sklavenblut aus uns heraus.)


December 20, “On Donald Trump and How We Got Here” published at Seven Stories Press. (Also in French as On ne hait pas tant qu’on méprise.)

December 12, “The Myths of Renewable Energy” published in Fair Observer. (Available in French as “Le mythe des énergies renouvelables”)

October 30, “Indirect Support For Action” Deep Green video transcript

October 6, Derrick interviewed for Give It Mouth website, the Make It Matter series: “How Activist Derrick Jensen Makes It Matter”.

August 24, “Top 10 Ways to Destroy All the Water on Earth” published in Fair Observer. (Also in French as Les 10 meilleures façons de détruire toute l’eau sur Terre and in Spanish as Las 10 Mejores Maneras para Destruir el Agua en la Tierra)

March 12, “When I Dream of a Planet in Recovery” published in YES! Magazine. (Also in Spanish as Cuando Sueño con un Planeta en Recuperación)

March 4, Derrick interviewed for The Daily Triplicate: Prolific author calls Crescent City home

January 12, Derrick interviewed for Sanitas Radio (paid subscription required to listen)


December 23, Derrick’s introduction to Pacifism as Pathology, a book by Ward Churchill, is now online. (Also in French as Le pacifisme comme pathologie and in Spanish as introduccion-pacifismo-como-patologia)

November 23, transcript of Derrick speaking with Charles Derber and Stephanie McMillan on the Earth At Risk “capitalism and sociopathy” panel: How Do We Stop Capitalism?” (Also in German as “Wie zerstören wir den Kapitalismus?”)

November 19, Derrick’s essay Sustainable Development is a Lie published in Fair Observer. (Also in French as Le “développement durableˮ est un mensonge and in Spanish as El Desarrollo Sostenible es una Mentira.)

November 10, Derrick’s essay The Ecomodernist Manifesto is a program for genocide and ecocide published in The Ecologist. (Also in French as Le Manifeste Eco-Moderniste est un programme de génocide et d’écocide and in Spanish as El Manifiesto Ecomodernista es un programa para el genocidio y el ecocidio.)

November, Derrick interviewed for The Fifth Column. (Also in French as Une interview: écologie politique, greenwashing, postmodernisme…)

August 18, Derrick’s guest post essay Derrick Jensen Responds to Oregon State University was published on the Gender Detective blog.

August 10, Derrick’s essay Liberals and the New McCarythism published in Counterpunch.

July 23, A portion of the Endgame chapter “A Matter of Time” appeared in The Ecologist.

July 1, Derrick’s essay Destroy the World…and Feel Good About It appeared in the Fair Observer. (Also available in Czech as Zničte Svět…A Ciťte Se Dobře, in French as Détruire le monde… et y prendre du plaisir, and in Spanish as Destruya el Mundo…y Siéntase Bien al Respecto.)

June 11, Derrick’s essay Endangered species don’t need an Ark- they need a Living Planet! appeared in The Ecologist. (Also in French as Les espèces en danger n’ont pas besoin d’une arche, elles ont besoin d’une planète vivante !.)

May 18, Derrick was interviewed for The Jeff Messer Show on 880 The Revolution. (No recording available.)

March 4, Derrick’s essay Confronting industrialism: if you can’t clean it up, don’t make it! appeared in The Ecologist. (In French as Affronter l’industrialisme: si tu ne peux pas nettoyer, ne le fais pas!)

February 7, Derrick’s guest post essay Derrick Jensen responds to John Stoltenberg was published on the Gender Detective blog.

February 1, Open Letter to Reclaim Environmentalism published for sign-on by members of the public. (In French as Lettre ouverte: Pour se réapproprier l’écologie, in German as Offener Brief: Rückforderung des Umweltschutzes, in Portuguese as Carta Aberta para recuperar o ambientalismo, and in Spanish as Carta abierta para reclamar el ecologismo.)

January 4, Derrick’s essay A world of make-believe appeared in The MOON magazine.


December 9, Derrick’s essay “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” translated into Arabic at Deep Green Resistance MENA.

November 30, Derrick’s essay Claims to virtue appeared in The MOON magazine.

October 13, Derrick was interviewed by Terrie Schweitzer: Resilient Activism and Productive Writing: the Habits of Derrick Jensen for

April 6, Derrick was interviewed by Jari Chevalier for Deep Green Forces

March, Derrick was interviewed by Michael Mountain for Earth In Transition: Endgame – What We Can Do



September 30, Derrick was interviewed for The MOON magazine on The role of diversity in the natural world. (Also translated into Czech as “Role diverzity v přírodním světě”)

July/August, “Against Forgetting” published in Orion. (Translated to Czech as Proti zapomenutí)

June 21, Derrick and Lierre Keith’s essay The Emperor’s New Penis published in Counterpunch

June 7, Derrick, with Rachel Ivey, was interviewed for Systemic Capital about Deep Green Resistance. (Portions translated to Czech as O Civilizaci Jako Nepříteli.)

May, Derrick’s essay “Thoughts on the Apocalypse: Fight for What You Love” was published on (Also available in Portuguese as Reflexões sobre o apocalipse: lute por aquilo que você ama)

March/April, “The Victim Liked It” published in Orion

Spring, “Age of the Sociopath” published in the Earth Island Journal. (Also available in Czech as Čas sociopatů, French as L’âge du sociopathe, Portuguese as Era do Sociopata, and Swedish as Sociopatens Tidsålder)

January 30, “The Man Box and The Cult of Masculinity” published by One Billion Rising. (Also in Finnish as Mieslokero ja maskuliinisuuden kultti and in French as La boîte à hommes & le culte de la masculinité)

January/ February, “Culture of Plunder” published in Orion.



September/October, “To Protect and Serve” published in Orion

September, Jan Smitowicz at The Rewild West interviewed Derrick: “The Power of Place”.

July/August, “Self-Evident Truths” published in Orion.

May/June, “Democracy of Destruction” published in Orion. (Also in French as “Nous vivons en kleptocratie” and German as “Demokratie der Zerstörung”)

Spring, Derrick has an essay in The (Un)Occupy Movement: Autonomy of Consciousness, Practical Solutions, Human Equality, by Mankh.

March/April, “Loaded Words” published in Orion. (Also in Czech as Nabitá slova, in French as Des mots chargés, and in Serbian as Reči kao oružje)

January/February, “Not in my Name” published in Orion. (Available in French as
Rendre l’écologie « fun et sexy »”

January, Derrick’s essay “A New Declaration” published in the Occupied Wall Street Journal.

January 24, Derrick’s article “A Modest Proposal — How Cigar Cutters Can Save the Environment” published in EcoWatch.

January 1, “Time to Dismantle the Corporate State” published at Daily News and Analysis India.



December 13, Derrick interviewed for “More Thought” about Dreams

September, “Imagine” published in Orion (also available in French as Imaginez)

September 29, Derrick interviewed by Cayte Bosler: Staying Sane in Environmentalism

August 5, Tara Lohan interviewed Derrick, Lierre Keith, and Aric McBay: Do We Need a Militant Movement to Save the Planet (and Ourselves)?

August, “Can’t Buy Me Change” published in Earth Island Journal (also available in French as Le changement ne se monnaye pas)

July 16, Derrick was interviewed by Frank Smecker: “You Can’t Kill a Planet and Live on It, Too”.

July, “This Culture Is #/?*#-+” published in Orion

May 16, Derrick was interviewed by Autonomous Music

May 11, “To Live or Not to Live” published in Orion. (Also in Czech as Žít nebo nežít, in French as Contre le fatalisme & le statu quo : l’activisme, in Polish as Niebezpieczeństwo mentalności tragicznej, and in Portuguese as Viver ou não viver)

March, “Miksi lapset vihaavat koulua,” in Kerberos, translated into Finnish by Tero Tähtinen.

March, “The Age of Oops” published in Orion

February, Derrick interviewed by Cara Hoffman: Resurrecting a Literature of Revolution

January 23, Derrick interviewed by Mickey Z: We need to stop this culture before it kills the planet (also available in French)

January, “The Tyranny of Entitlement” published in Orion. (Also in French as )

January, Derrick interviewed by Pulse Berlin: The End of Civilization



December 21, Derrick interviewed by Janaia Donaldson for Peak Moment TV

November 26, Derrick interviewed by Amy Goodman for Democracy Now (Also available in French)

November, “Mutual Aid” published in Orion. (Also translated to Turkish as Çıldırmış Dünya.)

November, an interview with Derrick by Zoe Blunt was published at Vancouver Media Coop: “You’re not crazy and it’s not your fault” (In French as Vous n’êtes pas fou et ce n’est pas votre faute)

September, “World Gone Mad” published in Orion

July/August, “Calling All Fanatics” published in Orion. (In French as Appel à tous les fanatiques)

May, Derrick’s comments on BP and the Gulf of Mexico posted on the Press Action website (also in French as Interview sur BP au Golf du Mexique)

May/June, “High on Progress” published in Orion. (Also in French as Accros au progrès)

April, an excerpt of Endgame published on Common Dreams: Choices

March/April, “Resistance Resisters” published in Orion. (Also translated to Czech as Odpůrci odporu, to French as Du changement individuel à la résistance organisée, and to Portuguese as Resistentes da resistência.)

January/February, “Fifty Simple Ways to Get Off” published in Orion. (Also in Portuguese as 50 maneiras simples para sair fora)



November/December, Derrick’s essay “Playing for Keeps” published in Orion.

October 28, Derrick was interviewed by Frank Joseph Smecker on CounterPunch: Against Prometheus

October 19, Derrick was interviewed by Chris Hedges on Truthdig: A Reality Check From the Brink of Extinction

September/October, Derrick’s essay “Side With the Living” was published in Orion.

September, Derrick’s Star Wars talk was animated by Frank Lopez. Watch it here.

September, Foreword to Unsettling Ourselves published. (Also in Czech as Civilizace a dekolonizace, French as Civilisation & décolonisation, and Serbian as Civilizacija i dekolonijalizacija)

July 7, “Forget Shorter Showers: Why personal change does not equal political change” published in Orion. (Also translated to Dutch as We zullen het niet redden in de douche!, to French as Oubliez les douches courtes !, to German as Vergiss kurze Duschen, to Norwegian as Å dusje kortere løser ingenting (translation behind paywall), to Polish as Zapomnijcie o krótkich prysznicach and to Portuguese as Esqueça os Banhos Curtos))

July, “In the Time After” published in the art book The Time After.

May, “World at Gunpoint” published in Orion.

February 26, Derrick was interviewed in Eugene Weekly: Speaker Calls for End of Civilization



November 8, Derrick interviewed by Melissa Gragg & Jason Miller: Industrial Capitalism Is A Given And The Natural World Is Secondary

September 15, Derrick interviewed for Flashpoints

August, “Logging Will Not Make Forests Safer,” in The Daily Triplicate

August, Derrick was interviewed in Briarpatch: It’s tremendous fun to fight back

June 8, Derrick was interviewed by Carl Donohue for Naturescapes about Thought to Exist in the Wild

Spring Equinox, interview of Jane Caputi in Rain and Thunder: A Radical Feminist Journal of Discussion and Activism

Spring 2008, Derrick was interviewed in Terrain: Northern California’s Environmental Magazine

February, Derrick’s interview “Going Underground: Paul Stamets On the Vast Intelligence Network Beneath Our Feet” published in The Sun.



December, “More and More, Faster and Faster…” in Sun Monthly

Fall, “Beyond Hope, There is Life Itself,” in The Center Post.

November, excerpt from Thought to Exist in the Wild published in The Sun Magazine. (Also available in Czech as Pomyšlení na existenci v divočině and Turkish as Yabanda Var Olma Düşüncesi.)

October 20, Derrick interviewed about Thought to Exist in the Wild: Live Nude Animals

September, “Spending Our Way to Sustainability,” in Sun Monthly.

September, Derrick was interviewed in URB

September-November, Derrick was interviewed in Vegan Voice

July, Derrick’s essay “Pretend You Are a River” appeared in Sun Monthly

Summer, “Look Where You Live” (an excerpt from Thought to Exist in the Wild), in Geez.

May, “Why People Hate Cops” published at Feral Scholar

May, Derrick was interviewed by Claudette Vaughan on sexual abuse.

May, Derrick’s piece “False Contracts,” appeared in Sun Monthly

April 7, Derrick interviewed by David Sheen for the documentary First Earth. Read a transcript of the footage: This Means War. (Also available in Portuguese as Isso Significa)

April 3, Derrick interviewed by Zoe Blunt: This Abusive Civilization. Also available as audio podcast.

April, Derrick was interviewed in Noise

April, Derrick’s piece “Star Wars,” in Sun Monthly

Spring, Derrick was interviewed in Modesto Anarcho

Spring, Derrick was interviewed in Bear Deluxe Magazine

Spring, Derrick was interviewed in Jigsaw: The Media Mind

March 16, The Daily Triplicate published Derrick’s letter to the editor: “History articles minimize crimes against local Indians”

March 22, Derrick was interviewed at Under the Concrete: Sometimes It’s Okay To Fight Back

February, Derrick’s piece “Come to Me” published in Sun Monthly

February, Derrick’s essay “Love Does Not Imply Pacifism” was published in Sun Monthly

January, “Civilization” published in Sun Monthly.



Derrick was interviewed in No Hope

November, Derrick interviewed by Abolitionist-Online: “Leveling the Playing Field”

October 31, Derrick interviewed by Michael Toms for New Dimensions ($2 charge to download the audio interview)

October, To Give Our Brightest Deepest Truth at Living Freedom

September 24, Derrick’s essay The Collapse of Civilization published in Hindustan Times

August 15, Derrick was interviewed for Grist: Can industrial civilization really become sustainable? Should it?

August 12, Derrick was interviewed for CounterPunch: Tearing Down the Master’s House

August, Derrick’s essay “Some Words to Think About” was published in Keq Ktotoli Oluhk.

August 2, Derrick interviewed for High Times: Bringing Down Babylon

July, Derrick was interviewed for Abolitionist-Online: Welcome to the Machine. (Also available in Portuguese as Bem Vindo à Máquina)

July, Derrick was interviewed in Arthur: Everything Must Go.

May/June, “Beyond Hope” published in Orion. (Also available in Czech as Mimo naději, in Dutch as De hoop voorbij and in Portuguese as Além da esperança)

March “You Are The River” published in Shambhala Sun.



November/December, “Monkeywrenching Civilization” was in The Earth First! Journal.

September, review of “A Methodology of the Heart” printed in American Anthropologist.

Summer, “Dismantle Globally, Renew Locally” published in Species Traitor No. 4

Summer, Derrick was interviewed in Lip: Held Hostage to Hope

Summer Run, excerpt from “Strangely Like War” in The Steelhead Special.

Summer, Derrick was interviewed in The Flatlander.

Spring, excerpt from Strangely Like War was in Pataphysics Publishing Issue.

Spring, Derrick interviewed in Standard Magazine.

Spring, Derrick interviewed in This Time We Fight Back

April 3, Derrick interviewed in The Bloomington Alternative: Listen to the River

Spring, “The Noose Tightens: Science, Surveillance, and the Culture of Control,” an excerpt from Welcome to the Machine, in Alternative Press Review



Winter 2004/2005, Derrick was interviewed in No Compromise. (Also translated to Czech)

December, interview of Dave Foreman published in EcoFuture

Samhain/Yule November-December 2004, “Better Humans and the Nanotech Future,” an excerpt from Welcome to the Machine, was in The Earth First! Journal

Oct/Nov, Derrick was interviewed in Confluence.

Fall, Derrick’s piece “What Goes Up” was in Matter.

Oct/Nov, “Definitions of Violence” in Sonoma County Peace Press.

Winter, excerpts from What Goes Up were printed in Arson Zine.

Summer, Derrick was interviewed in Green Anarchy: How To Bring Down Civilization

Spring, an excerpt of “Walking on Water” was in Camas: The Nature of the West.

May/June, “Back to Our Senses” published in Hope. (Also available in Portuguese as De Volta aos Nossos Sentidos)

March/April, “Reading, Writing, Revolution” published in Orion

March, “My Five Most Influential Books” published in The Ecologist. (Also available in Portuguese as Os cinco livros que mais me influenciaram)

Spring, “The Streams Were Full of Fish” published in Terrain

February, “If not now, when?” (co-written with Remedy) published in The Ecologist

The introduction from Listening to the Land was reprinted in The Steelhead Special, Issue #44.



Dec/Jan 2003/2004, “A Global Assault on Forests,” (excerpt from Strangely Like War) in Sacred Pathways.

November/December, Derrick interviewed by Lore Axe for The A Word: “Revolution, Sustainability, and Civilization

October, Derrick was interviewed by Laurent Brondel for Dooney’s Cafe: Unquestioned Assumptions

October, “In the belly of the whale?” published in The Ecologist

August/September, “Tricks of the Trade: Alfred McCoy On How The CIA Got Involved in Global Drug Trafficking” in Sentient Times

July/August, “Do we need nature?” published in The Ecologist

Summer, Derrick interviewed by Jared Maher for the ‘zine Jigsaw

May/June, “Free Trade™” published in The Ecologist

May/June, “Your Country Needs You” published in The Ecologist

May, “Free Will” published in Adbusters

April, Derrick interviewed by Michael Toms for New Dimensions

March/April, “A Natural Connection” published in Hope.

March, “Hungry Ghosts” published in The Ecologist

Winter/Spring, “Coming Home,” an excerpt from The Culture of Make Believe, in Disorderly Conduct.

February, “Vivisection: A ‘Moderate’ Proposal” published in The Ecologist



November, “Before We Leap: Carolyn Raffensperger on the Revolutionary Idea of Putting Safety First” published in The Sun

Summer, “Industrialism Must Go!” published in Green Anarchy. (Also available in Portuguese as Contra o Industrialismo)

July 8, Derrick was interviewed in a week-long forum discussion on Utne Reader’s Website, with thoughtful and in-depth questions and answers by everyone involved. You have to register first, and can then read the discussion. (And if you like this kind of discussion, consider joining the Derrick Jensen forum.)

Litha 2002, Derrick interviewed by Tim Ream for The Earth First! Journal: “Hate Civilized

June, Derrick interviewed by Anthony Lappe for

June, “The Disenchanted Kingdom: George Ritzer on the Disappearance of Authentic American Culture” published in The Sun

May/June, “Pools of Strength” published in “Hope”

May, excerpt from A Language Older Than Words translated into Dutch and published as “Geetsdrift Voor Beginners” in Ode.

May, interview by Derrick published in The Sun: “Singing to the Dawn: Thomas Berry On Our Broken Connection To The Natural World”

Spring, Review of the book Kindred Spirits published in Orion

April 25, “A conversation with Derrick Jensen” by Leigh Wilkerson, in Mountain Xpress

March, “Thinking Outside the Classroom: An Interview with Zenobia Barlow” published in The Sun

March/April, excerpt from A Language Older Than Words in Utne Reader.

Spring, excerpt from A Language Older Than Words in Disorderly Conduct.

February, “Interview with Anuradha Mittal On the True Cause of World Hunger” published in The Sun

Fall/Winter 2001-02: “Interview with Maori Elder Bruce Stewart” with Jeannette Armstrong, published in Green Anarchy



December, Opening the Cages with the ALF: An Interview with David Barbarash published in Earth First! Journal. (Also translated to Portuguese as Abrindo as Gaiolas com a ALF.)

December, “Driven By Desire: George Draffan on Why The Global Economy Won’t Satisfy Us” published in The Sun

November/December, Derrick interviewed by Sera Bilezikyan for Clamor

October, “The New Slavery: An Interview with Kevin Bales” published in The Sun

August/September, “The True Purpose of Education,” excerpt from A Language Older Than Words, published in Creations

August, “Neighborhood Bully: Ramsey Clark On American Militarism” published in The Sun

Summer, “Leaving the Comfort Zone” published in Hope

July, “Truth in Advertising: Breaking the Spell of Consumerism: An Interview with Kalle Lasn” published in The Sun.

Spring, “No Matter Where We Look” published in Hope

April/May, excerpt from A Language Older Than Words, in Creations.

April 8, “Would We Lie to You?” a review of Trust Us, We’re Experts, published in the San Francisco Chronicle Book Review

April, “Of Coyotes and Coversations,” an excerpt from A Language Older Than Words, in The Sun.

April, “Saving the Indigenous Soul: An Interview with Martin Prechtel” published in The Sun. (Also available in Turkish as Yerli Ruhunu Kurtarmak.)

March 20, “Corporate power wielded through limited liability status” published in The Ecologist

March, “A Weakened World Cannot Forgive Us: An Interview with Kathleen Dean Moore” published in The Sun

Winter, “Silencing,” an excerpt from A Language Older Than Words in Species Traitor.

February, “Road to Ruin: An Interview with Jan Lundberg” published in The Sun



December 21, excerpt from A Language Older Than Words in Hummingbird Farm News.

December, “Getting Free: Escaping the Prisons of Our Own Making: An Interview with Bo Lozoff” in The Sun

Fall, “Lives,” in Bulletin of the New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence.

November, “Invasion of the Classroom: How Corporations Buy Access to Children: An Interview With Alex Molnar” in The Sun

Fall, excerpt from A Language Older Than Words in Perspective.

Fall, “Walking on Water,” in Hope Magazine.

October, “Crimes of Punishment: An Interview With Christian Parenti” published in The Sun

September, “Free Press For Sale: How Corporations Have Bought The First Amendment: An Interview With Robert McChesney” in The Sun

July, “Where the Buffalo Go: An Interview with Vine Deloria” published in The Sun

July, Derrick interviewed David Abram

June, “Nothing to Lose But Our Illusions: An Interview with David Edwards” published in The Sun

May 21, “Rape: An Everyday Atrocity” published in the “Sunday San Francisco Examiner”

April, “Urban Renewal: The Resurrection Of An Ex-Gang Member: An Interview With Luis Rodriguez” published in The Sun

Winter/Spring, edited reprint of review of Totem Salmon in Mattole Restoration Newsletter.

March, “An Epidemic of Deception: Why We Can’t Trust The Cancer Establishment: An Interview With Samuel Epstein” published in The Sun Magazine.

March/April, reviews of Spirit and Reason, All Our Relations, and Prison Madness in The Bloomsbury Review.

January/February, review of Totem Salmon in The Bloomsbury Review.

January, “Body Language: A Conversation With Marc Ian Barasch on Ilness and Healing” published in The Sun

Winter, “Elements of Refusal: An Interview With John Zerzan” published in Food and Water



December 19, “Democracy Loses When Celebrity Dominates the News: A Review of Rich Media, Poor Democracy: Communication Politics in Dubious Times, in The San Francisco Chronicle Book Review.

December, “Armed and Dangerous: The Desperation of Rural America: An Interview with Joel Dyer” published in The Sun

November/December, “Millennial Forests,” in Audubon.

November, “The Broken Promise of Democracy: An Interview with Frances Moore Lappé” published in The Sun

September/October, review of Can’t Jail The Spirit published in “The Bloomsbury Review”

September/October, review of Christian Parenti’s Lockdown America published in “The Bloomsbury Review”

September 12, “The Unabomber-Madman or Revolutionary: A Review of the United States of America Versus Theodore John Kaczynski,” in The San Francisco Chronicle Book Review.

Summer, reply to “Violence Objectified,” in Food and Water.

August, “Foot Soldier: The Long Walk for Justice and Peace: A Conversation with Satish Kumar” published in The Sun

June, “Readers Write: Fathers and Sons,” in The Sun.

March/April, reviews of Science Under Siege and World Hunger: Twelve Myths in The Bloomsbury Review.

Spring, review of Understanding Forests in The Workbook.

March, “War on Truth: The Secret Battle for the American Mind: An Interview with John Stauber” published in The Sun

Fall/Winter, reviews of Appalachian Tragedy and Captialism and the Information Age in The Workbook.



December, “The Language of Hyperspace: An Interview with Stewart Swerdlow,” in Sentient Times.

October, “The Death of David Chain” published in “Sentient Times”

September/October, “Transfixed by the Headlights of the Hurtling Machine” in The Road-RIPorter

September, “Enemy of the State: An Interview with John Zerzan” published in The Sun

August, “Telling Stories: How Television Skews Our View of Society, and Ourselves: An Interview of George Gerbner” published in The Sun

May/June, “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” published in Earth First! Journal

May, “Out of the Ashes: Violence and its Aftermath: An interview with Judith Herman” published in The Sun (under the pseudonym Richard Marten)

March/April, reviews of Earth For Sale by Brian Tokar, Eating With Conscience, by Michael W. Fox, and Last Standing Woman, by Winona LaDuke, in The Bloomsbury Review.



November 14, Derrick gave a keynote address at the Minneapolis MN Soul of Agriculture Conference: “Environmental Perspective

July, “The Plants Respond: An Interview with Cleve Backster” published in The Sun. (A related excerpt from A Language Older Than Words was translated to Turkish as Bitkiler Karşılık Verir.)

April 30, “Murder in Peru: After the Lies and Betrayals…” published in Anderson Valley Advertiser

Winter, interview of David Ehrenfeld in Food and Water Journal.

January, interview of Jim Nollman in The Sun: When Nature Speaks

December, interview of Tom Athanasiou in Z Magazine.



October 13, “Hush of the Hives: In the death of his bees, a beekeeper learns the limits of progress” published in The New York Times Magazine

July 10, “Avoiding the Issues” published in The Pacific Northwest Inlander.

May 8, “Asking for the Truth” published in The Pacific Northwest Inlander

April 17, “The Other 364 Days” published in The Pacific Northwest Inlander



December, interview of David Ehrenfeld (from Listening to the Land) in The Sun.

October 18, “Loving the Land” (review of Richard Manning’s Grassland) in The Pacific Northwest Inlander.

October 4, “Death Warrant” published in The Pacific Northwest Inlander

May, interview of Neil Evernden in The Bloomsbury Review.

April, ‘The Hijacking of Earth Day” in The Pacific Northwest Inlander.

March, “Claims to Virtue” published in The Pacific Northwest Inlander

January, interview of Thomas Berry in The Bloomsbury Review.



October, interview of Richard Manning in The Bloomsbury Review.



January, interview of John Keeble in The Bloomsbury Review.

January, book reviews of The Dream Story and Healing Dream and Ritual in The Bloomsbury Review.

July, book review of A Hive of Bees in Gleanings in Bee Culture.



December, book review of The T.E. Lawrence Puzzle in The Bloomsbury Review.

May, interview (with Joe Nigg) of Joseph Campbell in The Bloomsbury Review