Monsters is a collection of wild, weird, and whimsical tales with a twist. These stories are not about mythical creatures; here, the creatures speak for themselves. There’s an orc who hates Tolkien, a young demon awash in teenage angst, an angel abandoned by Jesus who finds the Fates. Jensen creates a world both delicately dreamlike and all too real, where the villain is sometimes the victim and evil is not always what we thought. If stories teach us how to be human, then the stories in Monsters are the ones we need now. These are fractured fairy tales for grown ups, where the roots of sadism are laid bare and the horrors of human supremacism are firmly faced. But as in all of Jensen’s work, love is both always possible and also a call to action. By turns macabre, melancholy, and magical, these stories will leave you wondering who the real monsters are and how they can be defeated.

I asked artists to illustrate the stories. The illustrations are, I think fantastic. There are 49 of them.

Contents and Excerpts

Content Illustration(s) by
Cover Geoffrey Smith
Frontispiece Kyle Danley
Monsters Anita Zotkina
Demon Spawn Stephanie McMillan
Killer First by Geoffrey Smith, final two by Anita Zotkina
Werecreature Anthony Chun
Skeleton First and third by Cherise Clark, second by Anita Zotkina
The Murdered Tree Sundra Ure Griffin
Ghost Anita Zotkina
Troll Part I First by Geoffrey Smith, final two by Anita Zotkina
     (2nd excerpt)
Kyle Danley
Vampire First by Geoffrey Smith, final two by Anita Zotkina
Troll Part II Anthony Chun
Orc Anita Zotkina
Leprechaun Cherise Clark
The Delivery Cherise Clark
Troll Part III Kyle Danley
Monster Roxanne Jane Mann
Endpiece Cherise Clark


September 2017, from Publishers Weekly