Thought To Exist In the Wild: Awakening from the Nightmare of Zoos


“A zoo is a nightmare taking shape in concrete and steel, iron and glass, moats and electrified fences. It is a nightmare that for its victims has no end save death…”

No Voice Unheard is proud to present its next title, another unique, beautiful, and powerful voice on behalf of the animals – those captive in zoos. Thought to Exist in the Wild is a passionate and unflinching examination of zoos in our society.

Combining elegant, stunning photos with a deep and probing essay, this book presents a critical look at these institutions, the individual animals who live in them, and at ourselves.

Photographer Karen Tweedy-Holmes brings impressive credentials to the project, including photography for National Geographic magazine.



January/February 2008, by Ginger Strand for Orion
January 2008, by Carl Donohue for Nature Photographers Online Magazine (PDF)
June 2007, by Chris Hardie
June 2007, by Christine Canfield


June 2008, Derrick was interviewed by Carl Donohue for Naturescapes about Thought to Exist in the Wild

October 2007, Derrick was interviewed about Thought to Exist in the Wild: Live Nude Animals