When I Dream of a Planet in Recovery

In the time after, the buffalo come home. At first only a few, shaking snow off their shoulders as they pass from mountain to plain. Big bulls sweep away snowpack from the soft grass beneath; big cows attend to and protect their young. The young themselves delight, like the young everywhere, in the newness of […]

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Cuando Sueño con un Planeta en Recuperación

En el tiempo después, los búfalos regresan a casa. Al principio sólo unos cuantos, sacudiéndose la nieve de los hombros mientras pasan de una montaña a la llanura. Los grandes búfalos barren la acumulación de la nieve en los pastos tiernos que yacen debajo; las grandes vacas atienden y protegen a sus crías. Las crías […]

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Prolific author calls Crescent City home

Jessica Cejnar / The Triplicate Derrick Jensen was just a kid when he began pushing back against the status quo. His father had broken his sister’s arm and, like any youngster might, Jensen wondered why. In the second grade, when a subdivision was built on the meadow that was his playground, he asked where the […]

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