Interview of Rachel Smolker ― Resistance Radio

Browse all episodes of Resistance Radio or listen to audio of this interview: Jensen: Hi, I’m Derrick Jensen. This is Resistance Radio on the Progressive Radio Network. My guest today is Rachel Smolker. She’s a codirector of Biofuelwatch and works with the Global Forest Coalition and the Campaign to Stop GE Trees. She has researched, […]

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Confronting industrialism: if you can’t clean it up, don’t make it!

Some of the most important questions confronting us are: what should we do about this culture’s industrial wastes, from greenhouse gases to pesticides to ocean microplastics? Can the capitalists clean up the messes they create? Or is the whole industrial system beyond reform? The answers become clear with a little context. Let’s start the discussion […]

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Affronter l’industrialisme: si tu ne peux pas nettoyer, ne le fais pas!

Quelques-unes des plus importantes questions auxquelles nous faisons face sont: que faire des déchets industriels de cette culture, des gaz à effet de serre aux pesticides, en passant par le microplastique dans les océans? Les capitalistes peuvent-ils nettoyer le saccage qu’ils créent? Ou le système industriel dans son ensemble est-il au-delà de toute possibilité de […]

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