Interview of Gail Dines ― Resistance Radio

Browse all episodes of Resistance Radio or listen to audio of this interview: Derrick Jensen: Hi, I’m Derrick Jensen. This is Resistance Radio on the Progressive Radio Network. My guest today is Dr. Gail Dines, Professor of Sociology and chair of American Studies at Wheelock college in Boston. She is the author of multiple books […]

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Response to John Stoltenberg: Andrea Dworkin & Transphobia

This letter was originally published at Gender Detective, with the following introduction: About a year ago, pro-feminist author John Stoltenberg wrote a very disturbing article entitled “Andrea Dworkin Was Not Transphobic” for the website Feminist Times. In response, Jonah Mix wrote an open letter. John Stoltenberg’s response is in the comments of that open letter. […]

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