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Excerpt from Thought To Exist In the Wild

Animal World Awaits (p. 15)

I go to a zoo. I see animals on display. I push a button and hear: All the animals in the zoo are eagerly awaiting you.

I come home. I open a newspaper and see an article titled, “Animal Planet: From India’s famed camel fair to Indonesia’s fierce Komodo dragons—all the world’s a zoo.” And the subhead, large font, boldface: “Animal World Awaits.” For whom? For you, of course.

I put down the newspaper and turn on the computer. I go to a porn site. I see women on display. I click a mouse and read, “All my ladies love to undress in front of the camera and have a great time doing all the photo sessions that you get to view totally uncensored.” I click again and read, “These girls are sex crazy, theycan’tget enough!” Click again, “Hi guys, I’m Pamela! I just started my freshman year at college. Recently I shot my first uncensored hardcore f**k video and want YOU to see me f**ked in all holes. I hope that you come inside to see me soon :)” And again: “Cock it, load it, shoot it inside her. She’s got the proper lubrication and she wants to be your target. Unload your big guns all over Christy. There’s a battle brewing between her thighs, and she’s waiting for you to come extinguish the flames. In the heat of the moment, when her body is raging with desire, she waits for the cavalry. Her body is a battlefield. You are her last hope. Unleash your big guns deep inside. Fill her up with all you got.”

It’s not enough to put these others on display. We must convince ourselves that they are desperately willing participants in their own degradation, that we are not exploiting them but doing them a favor. We are rescuing bears from the wild, saving orphans from sentences of death. The animals in zoos are so happy that we need cages to keep the others out. The animals are rich, even, estate owners leading lives of idle luxury. I click the computer mouse and read, “There are now reported to be one dozen Gorillas and one dozen Chimpanzees living in this new slice of Ape heaven. They all want to meet you.”

I push a button. I hear, All the animals in the zoo are eagerly awaiting you.