As the Amazon Burns, It’s Time to Roll Up Our Sleeves

The Amazon is burning. This is what the end of the world looks like. Oh, and there’ll be more forests burned, more forests felled by chainsaws, more wetlands drained, more rivers dammed, more grasslands plowed, oceans further toxified and emptied of fish. And each of these is what the end of the world looks like. […]

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Letter to a Publisher: On the Destruction of Discourse and the Cult of the Postmodern Left

This letter was sent to a publisher with whom we signed a contract for our book Bright Green Lies. After the contract was signed by all parties the publisher unilaterally voided on the contract. The publisher voided the contract because we refuse to deny physical reality, that is, we refuse to say that male human […]

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Protesty za klima k ničemu nevedou, řešením je rozbít civilizaci

Audio: Your browser does not support the audio element Americký spisovatel a ekofilozof Derrick Jensen je jednou z černých ovcí environmentálního hnutí. Jeho názory na společnost jsou radikální a netají se odporem k lidské civilizaci jako takové. Východisko z krize nevidí v technologiích, ale spíše v ústupu k udržitelnějším formám kultury. Hovořili jsme s ním […]

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Interview of Lierre Keith, Deanna Meyer, & Stephany Seay ― Resistance Radio

Browse all episodes of Resistance Radio or listen to audio of this interview: Hi, I’m Derrick Jensen and this is Resistance Radio on the Progressive Radio Network. My guests today are Stephany Seay, Deanna Meyer, and Lierre Keith. Stephany Seay is the media coordinator with the Montana-based Buffalo Field Campaign, the only group working in […]

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Français videos

Texte de Derrick Jensen – extrait du spectacle “Ecologie, maintenant il faut se battre”, Lyon, Croix-Rousse, 27 juin 2018

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