“Step One is to recognize that there is a problem.” When a movie star is kidnapped and put through a 12 step recovery program for addiction to Western Civilization, reality gets turned on its ear. The fugitives careen headlong through passion, betrayal, and assassinations toward an explosive event that will transform the world. Everything you know can change in an instant. Are you ready for the next step?


With a stunningly unique voice, Casey Maddox takes us on a crazy, intense odyssey of discovery. A trip to forbidden realms with everything at stake. The Day Philosophy Dies is a novel that goes to the heart of the ongoing disaster that is society today.
John Zerzan, author of Future Primitive, Elements of Refusal, and Running on Emptiness.

Savage? Unrelenting? I prefer honest and essential. The Day Philosophy Dies is one of the few novels to confront the apocalypse our civilisation is wreaking up on this planet and admit “We're fucked,” then make you want to do something about it. This book makes you wonder how almost every other author you have ever read goes to sleep at night.
Jeremy Smith, editor The Ecologist

This is a brilliantly crafted novel. The labyrinthine plot is at times scathing, horrifying, sexually arousing, profoundly hilarious and uncomfortably (er, for me) violent— sometimes all in the same paragraph. The Day Philosophy Dies is crucial reading for anyone who gives a flying fuck about the plausibility of their own humanity.
Inga Muscio, author of Cunt

Casey Maddox writes with an urgency I’ve rarely seen matched, as though his and our lives depend on our understanding and doing something about the predicament we are in. Consequently, the words, the sentences, the paragraphs, the pages of this book catch fire. The book is a flaming, searing indictment of a culture gone mad. And it’s simply a damn good novel. Casey grabbed me by the throat before the end of the first page, slammed me against the wall before the end of the first chapter, and barely let me breathe till I reached the shocking and surprising end. This book will make you laugh and cry till it hurts, and it will make you angry, sometimes at the characters, sometimes at Casey, always at the culture. In the end I hope it will drive you to action.
Derrick Jensen, author of A Language Older Than Words, The Culture of Make Believe, and Walking on Water.


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